Ministry Up Programs

We are dedicated to making a lasting impact through our programs. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s singular focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies. Learn more about our initiatives to see what program best fit your needs. We also customized programs to ensure your ministry/organization has exactly what is needed to go to the next level. 

Leadership Development

MinistryUp creates specialized training to aid and assist pastors in identifying basic church leadership principles.


MinistryUp training will help your church leaders accomplish the following:

  1. Discover ways to become more effective and efficient.

  2. Provide direction for financial and numerical growth through leadership development.

  3. Increase confidence in your leadership’s ability to lead.


Utilizing specialized techniques, you will receive:


Facilitated Quarterly Sessions to help ensure your team is fully aligned and successfully executing the Pastor’s ministry strategies; and,


Monthly eCoaching through Virtual gatherings that address a wide variety of ministry concerns with in-group sharing promotes best practices, offers critical support, and identifies resources.

Vacant Church Process

Senior Pastor transitions can be difficult when the Senior Pastor has departed or decided to terminate their paid ministry and administrative oversight of a church. Usually, a congregation’s character and ministry initiatives center around a senior Pastor’s personality, making the transition to new leadership difficult.

MinistryUp will design a seamless, efficient, and effective pastoral vacancy process for your church by ensuring that your search committee is competent and works together well.

MinistryUp Provides:

  1. Defined infrastructure for calling a new Senior Pastor

  2. A Workable Timeline

  3. A Biblical Framework for your search

  4. Educational Qualifications for candidates

  5. Compensation Packages for candidates that match your budget

  6. Candidate Interview expectations and

  7. Geographical and marketable placement of your church vacancy to establish demand

Disaster Relief

MinistryUp seeks to fulfill the biblical mandate to serve those in need. MinistryUp has gained high praise for its disaster relief efforts in state after state, most recently in Texas.  Working with donation providers throughout the country, MinistryUp brings hope to families that need food, water, clothing, medical care, and shelter to begin rebuilding their lives. 


Are you interested in donating? We are a 501 (c3). Contact us at


Are you interested in helping? There are opportunities for you to volunteer.  We would love for you to join us in helping others. Contact us at

Event Management

A successful event requires planning from the most major to the most minute details. We provide coaching that trains you to recognize everything necessary to ensure that all plans are in place to make your event an overwhelming success. Whether you need assistance with planning, marketing, organizing volunteers, or day-of execution details, we can help make your event successful.

Crisis Management

From putting in place a plan before crises happen, to planning relief efforts, to delegating roles for leaders, we will show you how to carry out your vision when disaster strikes. We can help you coordinate with community and national organizations and volunteers to create a cohesive crisis management approach.