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It is a pleasure to connect with each of you!  The purpose to serve has been the heartbeat of our organization since day one.  Collectively, we have spent several years in ministry serving as the “behind the scenes” influence for many initiatives and events.  We are ready to connect with you and your ministry to bring clarity to your church mission and values, to identify your ministry’s top priorities and to develop your church ministry leaders. 

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leadership development

Specializing in developing leaders in Faith-Based Ministries for crisis management and organizational communication. 


Crisis Management

From planning relief efforts to delegating leadership, we will help you execute your vision when disaster strikes. We can coordinate with community and national organizations, as well as volunteers, to exercise a cohesive crisis management approach.

Event Management

A successful event requires planning from the highest perspective to the smallest detail. We provide coaching that trains you to think of everything necessary to ensure that all plans are in place for a successful event. Whether you need assistance with planning, marketing, organizing volunteers, or day-of execution details, we have the training for you.

Ministry Development

MinistryUp offers a world class Ministry Development Program. We offer everything from developing effective leaders to outreach involvement. Whether you are looking at planning effective and engaging events, or managing volunteers and evaluating ministerial needs, we can help.

Stay connected with our purpose and missions.

Mt. Olive MB Church

Fort Pierce, FL

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Coffeeville, MS

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