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The core is the center of the organization and its function is to stabilize while other components are responsible for functional movement. As both culture and ministry/organization change it is imperative to develop and cultivate teams that are capable of producing what is needed for the times. Some chose to build teams using talent, while others build teams using strengths. It is proven building a team using strengths leads to better results. MinistryUP is partnering with Bishop Joseph Walker III,  along with a dynamic team of panelists who have excelled in effectively building teams using strengths and accomplishing major goals. These experts are sharing powerful ways to ensure you and your teams reach the highest level of success using your strengths.


Using strengths to develop strategies, ignite exponential growth, and create dynamic teams can shift your impact and allow you to standout. Join us for the Fortifying Core Strengths  Webinar where you will:

  • Discover Your Top 5 Strengths through Strength Finders

  • Learn how to Lead/Pastor using your strengths

  • Develop effective and efficient teams based on strengths


*Each participant who registers before 6/20 will receive the link for an assessment for their top 5 strengths.

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